The Return of the Pimp Mummy
May 6, 2010

Robyn Ryder returns as the eponymous Pimp Mummy in the brand new film from Television X. Jim Slip and the gang have shaken things up a little for the second series of this hit show to bring you an even hotter, and funnier show than before.

With Jay Scarman having done a runner, Robyn is left to run the escort agency by herself. Lack of manpower leads her to make some drastic cutbacks in the business- namely all the girls! Robyn is the sole working girl left meaning, if you order a young teeny blonde- you get Robyn. If you order an Angelina Jolie look-a-like- you get Robyn. Her customers are in for some big suprises!

The first one in for a shock is current teen queen Satine Spark. Looking adorable in her plaits and dressed like a schoolgirl in an attempt to cheer up her injured boyfriend Leo, Satine has ordered another teen for the ultimate sexy threesome. Luckily, when MILF Robyn turns up, neither of them are particularly fazed by her more mature age, and get right down to some hardcore fucking.

After that success Robyn tries to push her luck even further and teams up with fellow big-jugged prozzie Dani Amour, who can certainly give Robyn a run for her money in the tacky clothes stakes. Their next customer has ordered a Girlfriend Experience, but let’s be fair you’d have to live in Chav Central to have birds like this as your missus. Poor James doesn’t know what’s hit him and just goes along with whatever the girls’ say- including all manner of pussy-licking and motorboating. They knock him for six, so once they’ve drained his dick of spunk they drain his wallet of cash too and head for the door.

Always one to take things to the next level, Robyn soon finds herself in that notorious chav breeding ground Swindon. She’s visiting cute young couple Hannah Shaw and Jayce. Hannah is so gorgeous that Robyn can’t keep her hands off her and is soon plunging them into her teeny pants to play with her clit, knowing full well how much this will drive Jayce wild. After fucking them both in an orgiastic threesome, Robyn leaves them, satisfied and with pockets stuffed full of cash.

It’s not just couples or lonely men that call on the Pimp Mummy’s services. Her next customer is a fierce, tattooed dominatrix who goes by the name of Miss Tallulah. It’s a good thing our Robyn’s got such a flexible business sense as it’s not all about whips and chains with this lady. In fact that’s not all that needs to be flexible as Tallulah’s got a new monster dildo she’s keen to try out!

Robyn’s forte lies with couples however so the final scene shows her doing what she does best- a filthy threesome with a hot young couple. This time it’s sexy blonde Columbia and her beefcake boyfriend Scott. If you like hot young girls the Pimp Mummy Returns is for you. If you like MILFs corrupting hot young girls then Pimp Mummy Returns is for you. In fact if you like threesomes, fetish, big boobs, chavs, teens, hot sex and humour then Pimp Mummy Returns by Television X is for you. This film manages to cover a broad range of tastes without ever sacrificing the overall tone and that’s a rare skill. Check out Pimp Mummy Returns now.

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