The All New Shagnasty And Muttley Show
April 19, 2010

Some might say that these two are old enough to know better. But it is precisely their age that gives them such a wealth of experience in ways to trick young girls into the sack. They’ve chucked out their zimmerframes for one last bash at their notorious knicker-dropping schemes. Lock up your daughters Shagnasty and Muttley are in town!

Each of their schemes predictably revolves around girls panties and what’s contained within them. The jokes are pure Benny Hill and the execution of it all is akin to a gonzo Carry-On film. The opening scene features a game called ‘Fly Your Frillies’ where our frisky OAPs convince some proper thick birds to tie their pants onto balloons and the girl whose pants get the furthest wins a holiday to Spain. One lady is so desperate to get abroad that she even offers to fellate the lads in exchange for the holiday.

Shag & Mutt have a tendency to use real amateur girls but that doesn’t mean they’re all loose women of the street. In fact, one of our favourite porn starlets makes a standout appearance. The beautiful Essex babe Sasha Rose pops up to take her pants off in public. Bravo for your al fresco flashing Miss Rose! Sasha is easily the prettiest girl that Randy gets his paws on and bonks him with gusto.

The enormo-boobed Dani Amour also makes an especially pleasing-on-the-eye appearance in All New Shagley & Muttley as a young lady who plays the carnival-esque game ‘Match-A-Snatch’. Different pubic hairstyles earn different amounts of hard-cash with a “baldi-locks” earning Dani a crisp £50. All of this must be verified which leads to an inevitable pounding.

With Television X turning 15 this year it seems only fitting that the old names are returning. Linsey Dawn McKenzie already fucked a host of young hotties in Linsey Dawn McKenzie’s I’m Back, Ben Dover has been working the old-man-in-drag look superbly in his St Trinibums films and now porno veterans Shag & Mutt are brought out of the care home, sorry, we meant retirement.

If any of Randy and Stan’s seduction techniques actually worked in real life, the women of England would be in real trouble. But actually that’s what makes the All New Shag & Mutt Show so enjoyable – it’s just a bit of fun.

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